can lead to arthritis, brittle nails, hair loss, irritability, liver and kidney impairment, a metallic taste in the mouth, and yellowish skin.


Complimentary Nutrients:

Vitamin E.



Cadmium, silver, arsenic, mercury, and sulfates.


Health Benefits:

Membrane integrity, pancreatic function, tissue elasticity, and possible increased resistance to cancer.


Therapeutic Uses:

Toxicity, mercury, and cancer.

Vitamin Therapies should be done with the supervision of a qualified health care professional. In the panel on the left, under ailments you can find more information about treatments for some of these conditions. You can also locate therapeutic information on this site by using the search engine below and entering words relating to the ailment you are interested in.


Deficiency Indicators:

Peroxidation of fats, blood hemolytic problems, mercury toxicity, pancreatic insufficiency, cardiac toxicity of drugs, and aging pigment.




Optimal Health

Therapeutic Amounts

20-50 mcg

200 mcg

400 mcg

RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) are dosages developed by the FDA. These amounts are designed to prevent deficiency symptoms. For optimal health it is necessary to take a larger dose. The optimal health amounts are for adults and children weighing over 100 lbs. Children under the age of six should be given nutritional formulas designed specifically for young children. The therapeutic amounts to treat special conditions are usually much higher, and should not be taken without the supervision of a qualified health care professional.



Selenium can be found in meats and grains, depending on the selenium content of the soil where the food is raised. The soil of much of American farm land is low in selenium. Supplementation of this nutrient is highly advisable. Selenium can be found in: broccoli, brown rice, chicken, dairy products, garlic, liver, onions, salmon, seafood, tuna, eggs, wheat germ, and whole grains. All depending upon where the food comes from. Here is a example.





1 lb.


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